Friday, 6 January 2012

The Great War

Fought a couple of months ago at” The Redoubt” was this WW1 game using "The Great War" rules. The British force was charged with holding a village and the land to the west, including a dominant hill. The Germans were under orders to take the hill at any cost. Out numbering the British by about 2 to 1 the Germans struggled to gain ground going forward under very heavy fire from the HMG the British had in position on the hill. When the German artillery finally arrived, several hours into the battle, it was immediately ordered to open fire on the HMG position. Eventually the HMG was taken out and finally the German troops were able to advance. Several platoons of Germans made diversionary attacks toward the town but were cut down by heavy fire from the British sheltering in the houses on the outskirts of the town. After a long fought advance the Germans took the hill, but at great cost.

British troops shelter on the edge of a village.

Germans platoons advance toward their objective.

View of the British defensive area.

The hill with the HMG hiding behind shrubs.

German High Command observing the advance.

A British platoon hiding amongst the trees.

German platoon advances through a near by farm.

The HMG that did a lot of damage.

Germans going forward.

A German platoon tries to cross a road under heavy fire.

British 18pdr behind a barricade on the outskirts of the town.

A German platoon gets cut down trying to get through the barbed wire.

Germans advancing on the hill.

All in all an enjoyable game. 


  1. Very nice looking game and in particular I like the barb wire.


  2. Looks like a fun game and the terrain is great!

  3. Excellent set up Rodger! Everything looks great and like tons of fun.

  4. Nice looking game! Interesting mix of bases - singles and multi-based in evidence?
    My only criticism, is that there don't seem very many troops in evidence.... I would have expected to see hordes charging across the countryside! ;-)

    How did you find the rule set?

  5. Rules were so so in my opinion, far too many dice rolls! The reason there are not hordes of troops is simply, I don't own hordes! We need to paint up more.