Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Russians at Waterloo!

Our last game was held at "The Redwood Redoubt" and saw a French army up against the Russians near the town of Waterlooski!!

Basically a condensed version of Waterloo but with the Russians playing the part of the British and allied army and a brigade consisting of Bavarians, Hanoverians and a Russian light regiment filling in for the Prussians. The French were played by the French!

French troops ready to move off.

French right flank.
 The French artillery opened up on the far ridge with little to no effect. Over on the Russian right the French had begun to advance on Hougoumontov.
French centre with Hougoumontov in the distance.

La Haye Saintri

The French army.

French left flank brigade and heavy cavalry in support.

Russians on the ridge behind Hougoumontov and Russian cavalry lurking behind the ridge.

The French attack on Hougoumontov.

Hougoumontov would prove to be a hard nut to crack but after several attacks had been thrown in the Russians were forced to withdraw with heavy losses.

The French right advances on the Russians.
 With the French artillery being 'next to useless' the French right advanced toward the ridge.
The mixed brigade entering the town of  Plancenoitlav.

More attacks going in against the Russians at Hougoumontov. The French centre has turned to face the mixed brigade at  Plancenoitlav.

Bavarians entering the town of  Plancenoitlav.

Towards the end.
The French followed their success at Hougoumontov with an attack on the remaining Russians on the ridge. The Russian cavalry was dealt to by the French heavies and with the Russian infantry and artillery losing heart the French were able to advance toward La Haye Saintri. In the centre an artillery duel saw the superior numbers of French artillery take care of the remaining Russian guns and the French infantry assault the ridge. By this time though darkness was drawing in and time had run out for the French.

The umpire studied the situation and unbelievably declared a minor Russian victory.  The fact that he is the owner of the Russian army had nothing to do with his decision!! So I am told.

We used the Black Powder rules, with figures from the collections of David, Wayne and Rodger.