Thursday, 12 March 2015

Prussians at Quatre Bras.

Last weeks game was a Volley and Bayonet game played with mainly Prussians and French. A division of British turned up towards the end to help out though.

The French marching toward the crossroads.
The thin Prussian defence.
 Prussians began the game with a division holding the town and crossroads.
 As the French neared the town their cavalry encountered the first Prussian reserves coming up on the Prussian left.
 The first attack on the town saw the French force the Prussians back. Next move however and the Prussian were back in the town. More Prussians entered the battle, this time on the Prussian right.
 The French charged the town again driving back the Prussians for a second time.
 More counterattacks from the Prussian saw them regain the vital town at the crossroads.
 Quatre Bras changed hands almost every turn. Neither side was able to get a firm hold of it.
 Over on the French right the Prussians were forced back with some successful charges from their cavalry.
 Bossu wood was finally cleared of all Prussians and more pressure was being put on the town.
The Prussian line through the centre of the table held firm.

 Finally the French heavy cavalry arrived and were sent to break the Prussian centre.
 With the French once again in possession of the town the Prussians brought up their British allies to sort out the situation.....
 ... and they did. By now the casualty count was getting high on both sides, but for the French it was too high. Unable to move the British out of Quatre Bras the French began to withdraw.  If only d'Erlon's I Corps had turned up.
An enjoyable game with plenty of action.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dark Age Bash.

The boys last get together was a Dark Age game using the Hail Caesar rules.

 Both sides lined up opposite each other. The largely Norman army behind the river.
 The mainly Saxon army had a few units in a rather advanced position near the bridge. The rest of the Saxon army began back at the base line.
 The Norman army moved off over the river to attack the exposed Saxons along with some of their cavalry.

 The Saxon cavalry charged towards the Normans. With neither cavalry commander wanting to fight in the river itself along with a number of "blunders" the largely cavalry wing of the battle did not come to blows until almost the end of the battle.
 Slowly the rest of the Saxon foot advanced up in support of their friends near the bridge.
 A couple of cavalry units from each side did meet in the centre of the table with the Saxons getting the upper hand.
 When the lines of foot troops finally clashed it was the Saxons that were to come out on top. The Normans were now in a rather poor state and were forced to quit the field,
Thanks to Chris for supplying all the troops and running the game.