Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dark Age Bash.

The boys last get together was a Dark Age game using the Hail Caesar rules.

 Both sides lined up opposite each other. The largely Norman army behind the river.
 The mainly Saxon army had a few units in a rather advanced position near the bridge. The rest of the Saxon army began back at the base line.
 The Norman army moved off over the river to attack the exposed Saxons along with some of their cavalry.

 The Saxon cavalry charged towards the Normans. With neither cavalry commander wanting to fight in the river itself along with a number of "blunders" the largely cavalry wing of the battle did not come to blows until almost the end of the battle.
 Slowly the rest of the Saxon foot advanced up in support of their friends near the bridge.
 A couple of cavalry units from each side did meet in the centre of the table with the Saxons getting the upper hand.
 When the lines of foot troops finally clashed it was the Saxons that were to come out on top. The Normans were now in a rather poor state and were forced to quit the field,
Thanks to Chris for supplying all the troops and running the game.


  1. Top notch pictures Rodger, that's a great report with splendid armies...

  2. Very impressive looking game! That's quite a collection of figures, I was surprised to see they were all supplied by the same person!

    1. Chris has a rather large collection of toys for us to play with!

  3. Saxon vs Norman - what's not to like about that?
    Nice to see the Saxons win for a change....
    Great looking game :)

  4. A nice looking straight up bash, great stuff!

  5. What an impressive collection. Looks brilliant on the table. cheers

  6. Stunning battle Arrangements
    good finishing.
    It would be interesting to know how many (all) different soldiers have a total (number)