Sunday, 9 April 2017

Fire and Fury

Our last game was an ACW game in 15mm using the Regimental Fire and Fury rules.

A bit of a meeting engagement with the Union attempting to secure a couple of crossroads. Both sides had reserves turning up to help out.

 Initially the Union had superior numbers but more Rebels were on the way.

 The Confederates moved up into the wood and the Union charged into them.
 The more numerous Union easily pushed the Rebels back.
Confederate reserves arriving just in time.

 The big Union regiments were proving hard to push back.
Rebel troops moving through the woods to the sound of the guns.

 The Rebels have another crack at pushing the Union away.
 But the result is the same again.
 The Confederates are all pushed back and the crossroads are now in real danger of being over run by the Union.

 The Rebels try yet another attack but still the Union hold.
 Union reserves are sent toward the other crossroads.

 The reserves meet each other on the other side of the wood.  But there is no going back for the Union.......
...... and the Confederates have no choice but to retreat away to fight another day.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

A bit of ACW naval action.

A bit of a naval action for a change a couple of weeks ago. This time it was set during the American Civil War.

Three Confederate ironclads took on a couple of Union monitors.

The Union ships

The Confederates, above and below.

The Union engaged the Confederates early on with their longer range weapons.

The two sides close in on each other.

By now the Rebel ships have been taking a beating.....

....their best option now was to try and ram the Union ships.

C.S.S Arkansas wheels round and races after the closest Union ship.....

... and rams the twin turreted ship.

One down as the Union ships sinks from the ramming it had just received.
This left just one Union ship in the fight, but it wasn't for long. Another round of firing and the remaining Union ship lost it's engine. Dead in the water, the Confederate ships moved in for the kill!

The ships are all from David's collection and the cool sea mat belongs to Geoff.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Italy 1859

Set during the Second Italian war of Independence.

Garibaldi's Red Shirts are on the attack .

Also present is a Neapolitan Army and an army from the Papal States.

A very even battle with both sides looking like they would take the honours. In the end I think the Red Shirts morale broke just before their enemies morale collapsed.

Terrain and figures from Adrian's 15mm collection.

The rules were Volley and Bayonet.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Walmington-on-Sea under attack.

A couple of weeks ago the Southern Strategists got together for a Dads Army game.

This was much the same game as some of us played about the middle of last year.
The terrain setup was differently but the game was pretty much the same.

In short a German bomber had been crippled while on a bombing raid. Trying to limp back to Germany became impossible and the crew had to ditch their plane in some fields. Also on board was a high ranking German general on a very important spying mission.

With such an important man on board the Germans sent in their best group of fallschirmjager to assist him in escaping capture by the British.

The two German groups had to first link up and then split up if they wished. Their objective is to get the General off the opposite table edge.

The British players started the game thinking all they had to do was round up a few German airmen  that had been shot down.

The Germans were allowed to swap the General for a crewman until they were at a point were the British would be able to recognise him as a General when they would have to reveal him for what he is.

The battlefield.
The crashed bomber was the starting point for the aircrew.
This peaceful scene is about to be destroyed.


Hodges and Mainwaring with news of a bomber gone down.

Hodges tells the Reverend and the verger "It went down over there"

 Mainwaring along with Jones and Godfrey takes a patrol out from town to look for the Germans.
 He also sends Wilson and Pike off with a few more men. Frazer and Walker had already gone ahead to scout the Germans.
 Frazer and a friend spot some Germans. The local police are also on hand to help.
 Walker and friend (right hand side) start shooting at their enemy resulting in a large amount of return fire leaving Walker wounded. Wilson's group ( in the foreground) also get in on the act.

 Mainwaring takes his group through the trees and engages the enemy.
 By now the British have learned that there are more Germans than they thought and that they have split up into groups.
A group of Germans take on Frazer and his friend before the police arrive.
 Frazer and his friend take on a group of Germans but it's bad news. Frazer is badly wounded and his friend is killed.
The police rush over to the sound of gun fire.

Wilson is seriously wounded and out of the game. This leaves Pike in charge of this little lot.

Corporal Jones encourages the Lewis team to set up and take on the Germans.

A wounded Walker makes his way back to town.

After the fire fight with Wilson and Pike's men, the middle German group are reduced to just two men.

Another group of Germans sneak along using the hedges and trees as cover.

Jones and Mainwaring bring their remaining men back to the town and set up to prevent any Germans getting into Walmington-on-Sea.

With one German group held up by Mainwaring on one flank and what is left of the centre group trading shots with Pike and co in the middle the third group dash past the police and get off the table. In that final dash they also reveal that the wounded crewman is the General. Victory to the Germans.

Wilson, Walker and Frazer were all seriously wounded. Godfrey was on hand as a medic but in the end he didn't help anyone as he too was lightly wounded early in the game and never recovered.

The rules used are a free set called Rugged Adventures. excellent for this scale of game.

This was the third time some of us have played this game. In the first game the General was seriously wounded just one move from the table edge and victory. In the second ( the Friday night practice game) he was not so lucky and took a bullet when he was about half way across the table. And then in this game he made safely across the table and away, back to Germany.