Monday, 8 May 2017

SYW in 15mm

Our recent game for the group was a SYW game using the Volley and Bayonet rules.

Frederick the Great's Prussians are trying to push through some Russians that are blocking their way, before the Austrian army can catch them.

 The Russians formed up in front of the advancing Prussians.
 The Prussians prepare to attack the Russians and defend against the Austrians to their right.
 and, the Austrians who are keen to mix it with the Prussians before they breakthrough the Russian lines.

 The Russians manage to hold off the Prussians first attacks,
 but their subsequent attacks found some success.
 The Russian division to the right of the town was badly mauled and was forced to withdraw behind their reserves.
 Pressure from the Austrians on the flank was preventing the Prussians from finishing off the Russians.
 The Prussians were trying to withdraw from the Austrians and advance through the Russians at the same time. Not an easy thing to do!
 Prussian cavalry forced the remaining Russians off the ridge.
 but that just exposed them to the Russian reserves.
 With the Austrians pressing on with their attacks, time was running out for the Prussians.
 The Russians to the left of the town were almost untouched through out the battle.
The Prussians through in all they could to get the breakthrough that they needed but it was all in vain. They had now suffered too much and had no choice but to slink away and lick their wounds.

Figures and most of the terrain from Adrian's collection.