Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Peach Orchard revisited

This weeks game for the Strategists was an ACW game using the Fire and Fury rule set.

The scenario was the Confederate attack on the Peach Orchard at Gettysburg.  I had this strange feeling that I had been there before!

Victory conditions required the Rebels to get 2 Brigades on to the far ridge and for the Union to keep the Confederates from crossing the stream.

Rebel first objective was to attack the Union brigades behind the road.

 Finally the Confederates reach the Union limes.

 Through the Peach Orchard go the Rebels with Union reserves slowly entering the battle at the back and on the far side.

 By this stage the initial Union defensive brigades have been pushed back to the stream or destroyed.
 Union reserves join the fight on the far side....
               ....... but are overwhelmed and the Confederate army marches on to take the day.

This battle can't go by without mentioning my good mate Gav. Gavin and I have been gaming together, either against each other or on the same side, for more than 20 years. Last night was the FIRST time we have been on the same side in an ACW game. Last night Gavin was a Rebel!!!Normally Gav would swear until he was blue in the face that there is no way he will be on the Rebel side.
I bet he is at home now repainting his Union army with grey paint! Good on ya mate.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Saga for Six

Last nights game was a Saga game with six of us playing. This was an attack/defender scenario.

The village had to be defended against a force sent to teach them a lesson. Pay the Danegeld or suffer!! There were 3 defenders with a total of 12 Saga points worth of troops to divide up amongst themselves. As it happened they split it evenly with 4 points each. The attackers had 18 points to play with and they too split the points evenly.

Players were then able to choose whichever faction they wanted to be.

Defenders moving through the village to meet the attacking force.

The attackers move toward the village.

Look!!! There is more of them coming in over there!

By the end of the night the defenders had lost too many troops and had no choice but to concede. In fairness to them I don't think , now, that the attacking side needed the extra points, at least not as many extra as I gave them.  Still an enjoyable night and maybe this will encourage us to get on with the campaign that was put on hold to get Gettysburg out of the way.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Action in the Sudan.

This weeks game for the group was a 15mm Sudan battle. The rules were Volley and Bayonet and Adrian run the game, supplying all the figures and the scratch build gun boat!

 The British were divided into 3 forces. There was one force defending the gun boat that had grounded on the banks of the river. Then there were two relief forces starting from opposite ends of the table.
The defending force under attack from turn one.



 The defending British force was wiped out before the other two British forces could come to their rescue.

The British high command.

Thanks Adrian for a great game.