Thursday, 1 August 2013

Action in the Sudan.

This weeks game for the group was a 15mm Sudan battle. The rules were Volley and Bayonet and Adrian run the game, supplying all the figures and the scratch build gun boat!

 The British were divided into 3 forces. There was one force defending the gun boat that had grounded on the banks of the river. Then there were two relief forces starting from opposite ends of the table.
The defending force under attack from turn one.



 The defending British force was wiped out before the other two British forces could come to their rescue.

The British high command.

Thanks Adrian for a great game.


  1. Whhaaatt!! Nooo!!!! :D

    Great-looking game and fantastic detail on the 15mm stuff - really good.

  2. Great looking figures and setup. Not so great for the defenders.

  3. Well Played the Mahdi's players.
    Very nice figures and set up. It makes me want to dust off my unpainted colonial stuff and get a brush to it. Thank you.