Thursday, 15 August 2013

Saga for Six

Last nights game was a Saga game with six of us playing. This was an attack/defender scenario.

The village had to be defended against a force sent to teach them a lesson. Pay the Danegeld or suffer!! There were 3 defenders with a total of 12 Saga points worth of troops to divide up amongst themselves. As it happened they split it evenly with 4 points each. The attackers had 18 points to play with and they too split the points evenly.

Players were then able to choose whichever faction they wanted to be.

Defenders moving through the village to meet the attacking force.

The attackers move toward the village.

Look!!! There is more of them coming in over there!

By the end of the night the defenders had lost too many troops and had no choice but to concede. In fairness to them I don't think , now, that the attacking side needed the extra points, at least not as many extra as I gave them.  Still an enjoyable night and maybe this will encourage us to get on with the campaign that was put on hold to get Gettysburg out of the way.


  1. A good looking battle. Looks like a good departure from ACW. Hope to see more.

  2. WoW- fantastic looking game. Love the homemade fences


  3. Great looking pictures, I do like the terrain and these beautiful troops!!