Thursday, 27 April 2017

Napoleonics at NATCON

Over the Easter break the group got together to put on a demo game at the New Zealand nationals.

The Russians are attempting to hold on to a bridge crossing from a force made up of French, Bavarians and Westphalians.

 Two Russian infantry brigades have set up and await the French Young Guard as they march towards them.

 The Bavarians and the Westpalians arrive behind the French.
 French heavy cavalry turn up on the Russian flank.
 Just as the Westphalians pour onto the battlefield the Russian reserve cavalry begin to arrive.
 The Westphalians head straight for the town and the bridge with only a brigade of Russian cavalry to to slow their advance.
 This quickly resulted in the Russians being thrown back.
 In the centre the French and Bavarians attempt to break up the Russian lines.
 Now the French heavy cavalry are thrown into the attack, looking for a breakthrough before too many Russian reserves arrive on the scene.
 The Westphalians meanwhile march behind the French and Bavarian guns and prepare to attack the town.

 The French attack begins to falter and the Russians are able to rearrange their defences.
In the end the French and their allies ran out of time. As the sun dropped below the horizon the Russian army still had control of the town and the bridge. The French army called off the attack and left the battlefield to the Russians.

A very enjoyable day on the battlefield. We use General de Brigade rules with all the figures coming from Chris's collection.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Fire and Fury

Our last game was an ACW game in 15mm using the Regimental Fire and Fury rules.

A bit of a meeting engagement with the Union attempting to secure a couple of crossroads. Both sides had reserves turning up to help out.

 Initially the Union had superior numbers but more Rebels were on the way.

 The Confederates moved up into the wood and the Union charged into them.
 The more numerous Union easily pushed the Rebels back.
Confederate reserves arriving just in time.

 The big Union regiments were proving hard to push back.
Rebel troops moving through the woods to the sound of the guns.

 The Rebels have another crack at pushing the Union away.
 But the result is the same again.
 The Confederates are all pushed back and the crossroads are now in real danger of being over run by the Union.

 The Rebels try yet another attack but still the Union hold.
 Union reserves are sent toward the other crossroads.

 The reserves meet each other on the other side of the wood.  But there is no going back for the Union.......
...... and the Confederates have no choice but to retreat away to fight another day.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

A bit of ACW naval action.

A bit of a naval action for a change a couple of weeks ago. This time it was set during the American Civil War.

Three Confederate ironclads took on a couple of Union monitors.

The Union ships

The Confederates, above and below.

The Union engaged the Confederates early on with their longer range weapons.

The two sides close in on each other.

By now the Rebel ships have been taking a beating.....

....their best option now was to try and ram the Union ships.

C.S.S Arkansas wheels round and races after the closest Union ship.....

... and rams the twin turreted ship.

One down as the Union ships sinks from the ramming it had just received.
This left just one Union ship in the fight, but it wasn't for long. Another round of firing and the remaining Union ship lost it's engine. Dead in the water, the Confederate ships moved in for the kill!

The ships are all from David's collection and the cool sea mat belongs to Geoff.