Sunday, 27 October 2013

Conquest 2013

This year the Southern Strategists put on two demo games.

A Bolt Action WW2 game with a Japanese force attacking American Marines that were helped out by some Chindits!

Based on "Ginsling", a game that David found in an old  Wargames Illustrated. This saw the Japanese on the attack through what is essentially a bunch of islands connected by some bridges.  The Japanese have managed to capture some US landing craft to assist them  in landing on these island areas.

Figures from David, Richard and Gavin's collections Most of the terrain from David with me and Richard adding in a couple of things.

The first wave of landings.

The Japanese take their first objective, the Airfix control tower.

The second wave landing near the port.

Things were looking good until the Sherman turned up!

David's home made order dice.

Last stand of the Japanese on this part of the island.
At this point we called the game. The Japanese had captured two of the five objectives. Close but not close enough!

The other game was a 7YW game using some of Chris's awesome collection. Victory to the Prussians I think, but I could be wrong!

Austrians awaiting the attack.

Seamus contemplates his next move.

Near the end of the game.

There were a couple of other demo games on too

A modern skirmish game that looked fantastic with some beautiful looking figures that attracted a lot of interest from the many people passing by.

I really liked the look of these palm trees.
 and an ECW game put on by Tim the host of the competition.

Here are a few more photos of Richard's troops from the Bolt Action game.

  and some more of David's and Gavin's Jap's

An excellent day, catching up with gamers from out of town and spending the day playing games.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Die Kriegskunst ( Part 2 )

Carrying on from where we left off with the Prussians pushing the Austrians back across the table.

 With one town sector secured the Prussians were looking to break the Austrian centre and then mop up area.
Rolling forward.

 The cavalry on the Austrian right wing had been ignoring orders to advance for most of the battle. A visit from the CinC made them see things differently and off they went....

 ....wheeling around onto the Prussian flank.
Over on the Prussian right flank the cavalry were sizing up each other.
High tide for the Prussians!

Then this guy appeared!!!

 The Prussian flank began to fold and their cavalry were rather reluctant to do anything to help.
On the opposite flank the cavalry had come to blows with the honours being shared.

The Austrian cavalry started ripping through the Prussians and the rout began!!!

Big thanks to Chris for organizing the game, supplying the troops, terrain, venue and beers!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Die Kriegskunst.

Die Kriegskunst is the Seven Years War version of General de Brigade. We have played these rules a few times now but I am still trying to get the hang of them.

The game this week was hosted by Chris at his new wargames room. He has named the room "The Donald Featherstone Suite" and to use his words "in honour of the recently departed great man, whose writing I remember fondly". His room boasts a 12 foot by 6 foot table!!!

The Prussians are on the attack and the Austrians are in defence.  For the Prussians to win they need to capture the two town areas and destroy one infantry Division.

 The Prussians march forward.....

The Austrian line of defence.

The Prussians first objective in the centre.

Austrain defenders of the first objective.

Bavarians arriving late to the battlefield.

The Prussians attacking their first objective.

First town secure!

At this point we called it for the night.

Part two will be fought this Wednesday night coming.