Sunday, 13 October 2013

Die Kriegskunst.

Die Kriegskunst is the Seven Years War version of General de Brigade. We have played these rules a few times now but I am still trying to get the hang of them.

The game this week was hosted by Chris at his new wargames room. He has named the room "The Donald Featherstone Suite" and to use his words "in honour of the recently departed great man, whose writing I remember fondly". His room boasts a 12 foot by 6 foot table!!!

The Prussians are on the attack and the Austrians are in defence.  For the Prussians to win they need to capture the two town areas and destroy one infantry Division.

 The Prussians march forward.....

The Austrian line of defence.

The Prussians first objective in the centre.

Austrain defenders of the first objective.

Bavarians arriving late to the battlefield.

The Prussians attacking their first objective.

First town secure!

At this point we called it for the night.

Part two will be fought this Wednesday night coming.


  1. Great looking game and figures. I look forward to the conclusion.

  2. As I recall it was capture 'any' town and destroy one Division.
    Looking forward to the second round.

    1. You are totally correct there my friend! However he who has control of the game moved the goal posts on us!

  3. Great looking game and exquisit looking figures

  4. Looks fantastic, as I'd expect from you guys! The Don room sounds like just the ticket, nice.