Thursday, 12 September 2013

Napoleonics with Black Powder.

Last night saw the boys get out the Napoleonic troops for a wee game using the Black Powder rules,  with a few changes. The changes have been made by the guys in Wellington who are running the big Leipzig bicentenary game next month involving gamers from all over the country. We also reduced movement by half.

Both the French and the British were entering the table from opposite ends with the main objectives being the buildings in the middle of the table.

The British won the rite to kick off first and promptly failed to move most of their troops ( rolled too high).

After several turn the British reached the first tree line.

 French cavalry moving through the centre....
 ....and deploying their artillery in the wheat field close to the buildings.(Spanish civilians forced to help man the guns)
 The French won the race to the buildings leaving the British having to attack them. This would prove to be a tough nut to crack!

 Tried as they might, the British could not take the buildings from the stubborn French.
So as night fell...

French victory!!

Thanks to David for providing the venue, the table, all the terrain, the beer and for organising and umpiring the game!


  1. Great looking game, and you can't go wrong if there's beer available.

  2. Outstanding. As a fellow Christchurch based gamer thinking about starting a French Revolutionary Wars project this is inspirational!