Saturday, 14 May 2016

Somewhere in Vietnam

A recent game with the gang that was set in Vietnam.

 American choppers, patrolling near the border spot some North Vietnamese around some patches of jungle.

 Groups of American and South Vietnamese troops are sent in to sort out the North Vietnamese.
 Some of the locals abandoned their fields and headed for cover.

 The American group was hit hard by the majority of the North Vietnamese troops.
 Although suffering heavy casualties the Americans eventually subdued the North Vietnamese.
 A recon chopper helped direct fire from the artillery on the North Vietnamese positions.

 The South Vietnamese troops had a much easier time finding little resistance in the village.
 More choppers came in to drop off more troops, but the machine guns of the choppers were enough for all resistance to melt away.
 With the Americans now moving again and the choppers controlling from the skies the North Vietnamese troops pulled out of the area.

As there were no chopper casualties we didn't get to use Adrian's lovely damaged chopper.

After the game I set up a wee scene and clicked away.

Thanks to Adrian for supplying almost everything and for running the game.