Monday, 30 May 2011

Recently painted

Gavin Bowden is a member of the Southern Strategists. Below are some photos of some of his recent work.

92nd Regt The Gordon Highlanders

A line-up of stalwart types

Capt McCutheon and Piper McNulty

Captain David Ogilvie, VC

Count Von Schlessinger and his trusty servants

Fergus OShea, Prospector & Miner Extrordinaire

Greasy Jake,  the Tracker

Intrepid adventurers make a discovery

Mem Sahibs

Miss Constance Payne, Billionaire heiress and Adventurer.

Professor Cedric Yeatman-Briggs and Sir Percival Frockmorton

Righteous Bob Faircloud the Evangelist Assassin

Sepoys Rangit & Deran Singh, 32nd Punjab Infantry

Sir Percival Frockmorton, Royal Geological Society

The East Surrey Regt

The Ribbentrop Bros, Max & Gunther

The Unflappable Mrs Dorothea Miggins

Monday, 2 May 2011

Napoleonic Naval Game

A couple of weeks ago we had another game at The Mess. This time it was Napoleonic Naval. The British were attempting to blockade a passage of water with the Franco-Spanish alliance trying to force a way through.
The British heading toward the allies

Royal navy under full sails
Spanish and French preparing to "open up"
HMS Glatton

British and Spanish ships exchanging shots.
Allied shipping slides through the blockade.