Sunday, 27 October 2013

Conquest 2013

This year the Southern Strategists put on two demo games.

A Bolt Action WW2 game with a Japanese force attacking American Marines that were helped out by some Chindits!

Based on "Ginsling", a game that David found in an old  Wargames Illustrated. This saw the Japanese on the attack through what is essentially a bunch of islands connected by some bridges.  The Japanese have managed to capture some US landing craft to assist them  in landing on these island areas.

Figures from David, Richard and Gavin's collections Most of the terrain from David with me and Richard adding in a couple of things.

The first wave of landings.

The Japanese take their first objective, the Airfix control tower.

The second wave landing near the port.

Things were looking good until the Sherman turned up!

David's home made order dice.

Last stand of the Japanese on this part of the island.
At this point we called the game. The Japanese had captured two of the five objectives. Close but not close enough!

The other game was a 7YW game using some of Chris's awesome collection. Victory to the Prussians I think, but I could be wrong!

Austrians awaiting the attack.

Seamus contemplates his next move.

Near the end of the game.

There were a couple of other demo games on too

A modern skirmish game that looked fantastic with some beautiful looking figures that attracted a lot of interest from the many people passing by.

I really liked the look of these palm trees.
 and an ECW game put on by Tim the host of the competition.

Here are a few more photos of Richard's troops from the Bolt Action game.

  and some more of David's and Gavin's Jap's

An excellent day, catching up with gamers from out of town and spending the day playing games.


  1. Great looking game Rodger. Those US marines looked fantastic as did the landing craft- which make are they?


    1. I think they are Dragon. They belong to Geoff, so I will try and confirm!

  2. Beautiful pictures, the terrain is really awesome with the "Japanese game"...

  3. Great shots, Rodger! The Bolt Action game added a bit of spice to the historical demo games...but sadly, there appears no photo of General 'Tojo' Houston in his imported Japanese army cap. Surely, he would have to be the tallest Japanese commander in these here parts.

    1. Well, I did get a photo of "Tojo" but it came out a bit blurry.

  4. Nice one Rodger,
    A great looking couple of games, I'd be keen to know the landing craft maker also. Nice to see the post as I couldn't make the tournament.
    Adam and I were thinking of doing a Wake Island campaign at some point, I have Japs and he has Marines also... That's my Palm tree terrain in the Skirmish Sangin (Afghanistan Moderns) photos, they are from a cake decorating online shop (can't remember where though sorry).

    1. Cheers Andy. I was very impressed with your palm trees. They look great for cake decoration trees!

      For all those that want to know I can now confirm that the landing craft were Dragon Models, from their ready-made 1/72 ‘Dragon Armor” range.