Saturday, 16 November 2013

Boar War game.

Last weeks game was a Volley and Bayonet game based on the Battle of Colenso. A bunch of Boars entrenched behind a river intent on holding up any British advance for as long as possible and the British in several columns trying to cross the river and push the Boars before them.

 Setting up the troops.     The gaps in the river represent where the fords in the river are.

 The Boars. All skirmish stands. Looks good but these stands don't hang around long.
 Some of the British line. Damn big gun in the background.

 The Boars behind their defences waiting for the British to cross the river.
 The British advancing toward the Boars

 The British took some heavy casualties as they crossed! But are still capable of doing some damage.
 The firing power of the British began to tell. The centre Boar command was reduced , by casualties, to a point where it's morale was so low they basically ran away!
 A great gap in the Boar centre encouraged the British to pour more troops across the river.  It wasn't all one way traffic though. The British had suffered a fair number of casualties too and had a command that refused to advance any further.
Next the Boar left flank command broke and headed for the hills.  Things were desperate for both sides at this point. Neither of the two commanders that were still involved with the game were aware  that the next casualty would sound the end of the game! After several shots fired and each one saved from both sides the Boars lost another stand and that was that. A British win but oh so close!

A close up of Adrian's wonderful looking building.

 Thanks to Adrian for doing all the hard work ( running the game , supplying the troops etc).


  1. Nice looking game. Are the river sections on card? They look too thin to be MDF or foam core.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry for the delay in answering this Sean. I have checked with Geoff, who owns the river sections. They are a flexible vinyl type stuff. This is the link for them.

  2. Another great battlefield, excellent looking game...and I agree, the building is amazing!