Sunday, 15 December 2013

A few weeks back we had a 28mm Dark Ages game at the Mess. Rodger forgot his trusty camera and had to use my wife's little compact model to take these images. I had promised to upload them to our blog way before now but some technical issues (driver error) prevented this until now.

The scenario concerned a Viking raid on an Anglo-Saxon village, with the Vikings having to find a cache of gold and pillage as much livestock as they could. The Vikings also had to contend with a force of Anglo-Saxons from another village that was coming to the rescue. We used a simplified version of the Lord of the Rings rules that gave us a flowing and enjoyable game. I can't remember who won but the Vikings managed to find the gold and snuffle some beef on the hoof. Due to a shortage available Viking figures we used some of our Renegade Anglo-Saxons as Vikings.
Saxons defending the village

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Saxons defending the piggery

The gold was hidden in the white building

An Ireland supporter and  Viking leader (me) contemplating an attack on the village 
Hand-to-hand fighting on the edge of the village

Chris 'the Berserker' Packer about to attack the village

Dave's Vikings attacking the centre of the village while Chris's force charge the stronger defences in support 

The skirmish between the Vikings and rescue party from another village

Chris's Vikings breach the walls and secure the gold


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  1. Good work Wayne. Thanks for covering me on this one!