Thursday, 18 July 2013

Great Northern War

Now that Gettysburg is all over and done with we can get back to some different periods, instead of ACW.

This weeks game was a Great Northern War game between the Russians and the Swedes.

Chris provided all the troops, mostly painted by Kent from 15mm Paint Shack.

The rules used for this game were Black Powder.

Some of the Swedes. Ignore the command stand in the background.

The Russians setup along the road and awaited the Swedish advance.

Swedish army on the move.

The cavalry clashes on the Russian left resulted in the Russian cavalry being thrown off the table.

Swedes charging the Russian line.

and on the other side of the gun too.

The Swedes lost both melees and both units routed off the table. Next turn saw another two units heading home!

The End!

After the failed attacks of the Swedish foot there was only one foot unit left and a gun along with the cavalry units out on the flanks. The Swedes conceded and abandoned the field!


  1. Looks like a good game, the miniatures look like they are well painted, lots of eye candy, cheers for posting.

  2. I agree, looks good. There is something about the red and green of the Russian infantry. I need to paint up a few.

  3. Great pics Stackie. Looking forward to having another crack at those Ruskies now I know how effective the Swedish cavalry is.