Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Battle of Stackville

The quiet town of Stackville was rather happy to stay quiet. But then the civil war came to town.

Confederate troops stationed nearby the town found themselves directly in line of a Union army heading south.

The Rebels make good use of the stone walls around the town of Stackville.

The Union army advances up to take on the Confederates.

The confederates give the Union boys a friendly welcome.

The Union pressure the Rebel flanks while attacking the town in the centre.

Both sides trade shots as the Union get closer to Stackville.

The first charges from the Union are repulsed by the defenders.

The Rebels reinforce the town.

The Union build up to another attack.

The Union charge the town again, but it is the same result.

More pressure now from the Union right flank.

Still the Rebels hold out.

Union Zouaves are in the thick of the fighting.
By night fall the Confederates were still in possession of the town. The Union had no choice but to slink away to fight another day.

Rules used were Rank and File.


  1. Seems like a good and enjoyabe game

  2. Nice game.
    The battles started again.
    I wonder already where ...