Monday, 23 January 2012


A recent game fought by the Southern Strategists at "The Mess".

Three groups of three humans had to enter a mall and find some packages that were lying in various places within the mall and then leave the mall while being attacked by Zombies. The humans assembled in the car park and decided to  keep together for mutual support.

The mall and car park.

Cafe in the mall.

Video store (empty grey shelves) and gun store beyond.

Wayne's group

Adrian's group

On our way to the mall
 As we neared the mall we began to encounter a few Zombies. At this stage they were appearing in ones and twos so we were able to deal with them with out too much trouble.

My group with Wayne's and Adrian's coming to meet us.

Almost at the main door.

Looking inside the mall

 Once through the main door we began our search for the packages. We sent off one or two people to each shop while the others kept the Zombies at bay. Meeting up again and then advancing to the next shop.
Having entered the mall we start searching
Chainsaw Girl would prove very valuable, cutting holes in walls.

Zombies coming from all directions.

 The Zombies could not activate the automatic doors and had to build up their numbers in order to break down the doors.

Zombies about to break in.

 The model of the mall is still under construction. The shops will be filled out in time, but for now it works very well for our games.

Part 2 with the Zombies breaking in, is coming.


  1. Great pictures, looks like fun

  2. Very well done. That terrain looks fabulous. And the sixth photo from the top looked as if it was a real shot to me, until I saw the base of the figure.

  3. Cool Batrep and awesome terrain, very inspirational indeed!

  4. Quite a departure from the norm for the strategists? Intriguing none the less ;-)

  5. Great blog post, really inspirational. I'm just getting into zombies and this gives me something to shoot for. Off to read the second part.