Friday, 27 January 2012

Zombie attack, Part 2.

Part 2...
A mass of zombies broke through the main door and were heading in our direction.

 By this stage "Chainsaw Girl" had cut a hole into the gun shop from the video store. We were all very low on ammo at this point and started searching the gun shop for ammo as soon as we entered.
Searching the gun shop.

 Two of the guys went off to search the food shop. While they were in there they were attacked by a number of zombies. Armed with only a baseball bat, the only male in my group of three, was out numbered and killed by the zombies. Wayne's samurai sword character however, managed to slash his way out and made it back to the group.

With numerous zombies trying to get to us through the main door to the gun shop and several more attacking us from through a hole in the gun shop's back room our situation was getting serious. We had found 4 of the 6 packages, lost one guy and were  beginning to get surrounded, we decided it was time to go.
(At the end of each turn a chance card was drawn from a deck. These could be of benefit to the humans or to the zombies and in some cases could be kept and played when suited. We had a card that gave us an extra 2" of movement when played.)
At this point we play our card and made for the hole in the wall that lead into the video shop and then toward the main doors of the mall.
Playing the card at that point gave us a great head start over the hoard of zombies in the mall. We got outside where we dealt to a couple of zombies lurking near the main door. Heading to the car park and to safety Wayne's samurai sword character had a sudden rush of blood and decided to take on as many zombies as he could. ( A card was drawn that meant he become courageous!. Could not move until a zombie had hurt him.)

The rest of the characters crossed the line to safety and we abandoned the Samurai guy to his fate in order that the rest lived to fight another day.
Samurai guy being swamped by zombies.

The teams leaving the mall.
All in all a much better game than I thought it would be. The rules were very simple and easy to pick up. I think Geoff has made them up based on a board game.
All credit to Geoff for supplying and painting all the figures and making the mall and car park and for running the game.

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  1. Great article and the Mall is fantastic. where did you get the tables and chairs from for the cafe ?