Sunday, 27 November 2011

Saxon Surprise

This was a battle fought by the Southern Strategists a while ago using the Stradhogg rules.
The Vikings had carried out a dawn raid on this little coastal village somewhere along the Saxon coast. After defeating any resistance the victorious Vikings set about collecting up the spoils of war. These included  monks, women and children,farm animals and a few other odds and sods. As the mopping up operation got under way over the hills came more Saxons intent on preventing the Vikings from taking anything away, even their lives!
So, the game began with the Saxons arriving on the table edge and the Vikings in and around the village. While some of the Viking warbands tried to slow the Saxon advance the rest of the Vikings were herding their captives toward the waiting ships, well, ship in this case.

Vikings prepare to face the oncoming Saxons.

Vikings herding cattle and pigs toward the longboat.

Farm animals and peasents being incourged to join the Viking way of life.

Viking ship waiting for the plunder to arrive

Some of the women didn't seem very keen to leave.

A Saxon warband charging down the hill into the Vikings.

A mounted Saxon warband reaches the village. Are they in time?

More mounted Saxons arriving on the hill top.

A controlled retreat toward the waiting ship.

Saxons begin to over power the Vikings still in the village.

The Vikings are struggling to get their captives to the ship with the Saxons about to recapture the towns folk and animals.

By the end of the night the Vikings had managed a very narrow victory. Having herded just over half of the available victory points worth of plunder to the ship.

A special thanks to Tim from Comics Compulsion (our local wargaming store) for coming along and joining in the game.


  1. Great table mate, sounds like a fun game too, am now following your blog, keep up the great work.

  2. Great looking game. The figures and terrain are excellent!

  3. Good looking game guys, well done.

  4. Wonderful stuff!!!! Hope the Viks got some good coin for their hard earned plunder :-)