Sunday, 30 October 2011

Conquest 2011

Conquest is an annual gaming event being held in conjunction with Comics Compulsion and the Christchurch Cavaliers Wargames Club. Every year, apart from a couple of times, the Southern Strategists put on a demo game and this year it was a Napoleonic naval game.

Here are a few photos from our game and some of the other games going on around the place.

Kings of War demo game.

Beautiful Dark Age troops from the Kings of War game.


There are some more photos from our game on Wayne's blog
Our naval demo game.

A few photos from the competition rooms.

Some very good building skills here.

Flames of War and Ancients competitions
 Some photos of an excellent Casino layout for FoW made by Craig from Lots more info and photos on Craig's blog, well worth a look.

Some of the other FoW tables.

I thought this layout looked really nice too.


  1. Some tip-top armies and terrain on display there. Looks like a great day's gaming!

  2. Some great looking games there!! Loved the Vikings and the Cassino layout. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. Your guys game looked great- love the models.

    Cheers for the comments.

    The bocage one was another one of mine I built a couple of years ago- I've enough to do an 8x 6 table

  4. @Craig- 8x6 of bocage would look very impressive.Did you make the table with the railroad and trench also?

  5. Yes, but it is a bit damaged these days as its has been used at 6 or so comps and doesn't always travel well from rural South Canterbury. I always intended to add sandbags etc to the trench lines but it is fine as a comp board- and makes for a fun game. One day I'll upddate it witha V2 board :)