Friday, 16 September 2011

The road to Independence.

Last weeks game at The Rewood Redoubt was an encounter battle set during the American Revolution using the troops that we had on hand on the night. The rules we used were Regimental Fire and Fury. Most of the figures are Front Rank with a couple of units from Eureka Miniatures.
All the British and Loyalist troops were painted by Wayne from,
 The Americans belong to other members collections.
British Command.

British centre.
Americans move up to meet the advancing British.
British left flank.

The British cavalry moving to out flank the American lines.
American centre and left flank.
American right flank moving past the farm.
British and Americans clash
British have forced back the first wave of American troops.
British cavalry have been forced back

British lights outflank the American left and charge into the militia.

More British charge the American lines.

British cavalry re group and have another go.

Flank attack on the militia.

The British cavalry are repulsed yet again.

42nd Highlanders advancing to secure the British left flank.

The militia stand and fight back against the flank attack.

The end with the Americans holding on and the British not really having the strength left to force the issue.


  1. With the militia getting whacked in the flank, I thought for sure the British would have prevailed! Lovely looking game. Great pictures.

  2. Great looking game, thanks for posting!

  3. Stunning battle, great looking figures.


  4. Great looking figures ans stunning looking terrain!!!