Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Vikings on the beach.

As the dawns early rays pierce the morning mists the ghostly silhouette of dreaded Viking long-ships can be seen on the horizon.
The Vikings are coming.
The local Saxon Eoldorman, Beaodwulf, wastes no time in mustering his small force together ready to defend his village to the death. He hurriedly sends all the towns folk who are unable to fight to the next village with a message imploring their help.
Even as the Viking's long-ships nudge their bows into the soft shingle of the enemy beach Saxon reinforcements are on the way. The Vikings eagerly leap from their ships and spread out, with two war-band going either side of the rocks.
Vikings on the eastern beach.

Sheep, loot and a building to burn.

The Saxons from the village deploy to meet the threat coming along the Eastern beach. Arrows are loosed, stones flung and insults traded as both side’s war-bands prepared to meet each other head on. 
Hold this line.

The other two Viking war-band advance along the Northern beach before heading inland, intent on killing livestock and destroying the village, thoughts of rape and pillage foremost in their thoughts. 

Northern beach.

Vikings on the attack.

Two more Saxon war-band from the neighbouring villages arrive to the south and immediately head North to meet the Vikings there. 

"Backup" moving through the village.
Close up.

By this time the Vikings on the Eastern beach are charging up the rise to attack the Saxons.  Vicious hand to hand fighting ensues and the bloody struggle rages long into the morning with neither side really gaining the upper hand. 
Vikings attacking from the eastern beach.

Saxons defending the village.
Close up view

Angry shouts and the clash of steel can be heard from the other side of the village as the other war-bands engage each other... same result, lots of blood and guts and not much progress for either side.
North side of the village.

Viking high tide.

With their numbers drastically reduced and the initiative lost the Vikings decide it's time to call it a day. They've  managed to set fire to two of the Saxon buildings but no longer have the manpower to push their case any further. They dejectedly return to their ships and head back home to lick their wounds and contemplate their next raid on Saxon soil.  Who said those damned Saxon dogs were a pushover?
This game was our first crack at “Strandhogg”, (Viking Raid).  I gave each of the four players two war-band each. Because it was our first game I made all the war-band roughly the same. 
The Saxon objective was to simply defend their land and livestock. The more Vikings they could kill the better. For the Vikings this was a raid to cause as much havoc as possible. Kill Saxons, kill their animals and burn their buildings, with the usual bit of raping and pillaging thrown in for good measure.
I had a points system worked out for each side.  
Neither side knew the others objectives. There were a few indignant cries when the Saxons realised some of their buildings were on fire. 
Saxon building on fire.

All in all, an enjoyable game with the usual light hearted banter and derogatory insults.
Reasonably simple but effective rules for skirmishing.


  1. Looks like a great game. I really like the terrain and figures. Well done!

  2. Very nice. I'm a little disappointed to not see any shieldwall or attack wedge though. :)

    Are the green chips spear counters?

  3. Very nice terrain and enjoyable commentary!


  4. Excellent batrep!! Great figures and great terrain, I've not heard of the rules before, I've just read up a report on TMP about them, and I'll keep my eye out for them, cheers for that!!
    Its nice to see the flags getting an outing too!! Go Vikings!!

  5. Very nice indeed, and a nice atmospheric opening shot. Great to see you guys trying your hand at combat 'upfront and personal' style ;-).

    I havent heard of those rules before. How do they compare to other skirmish rules?

    I must admit I have a pile of foundry saxons awaiting listing on trademe, but I may just hang on to them a while...


  6. Nice work Rog, love the picture of the longships in the dawns early rays...highly poetic.

    Good to see those cocky Vikings getting a bloody nose for once...mind you if they'd got a close look at some of the Saxon womenfolk they mightn't have been so keen on the rape and pillage.

  7. Captain Arjun... Yes, the green markers are for spears. We place one with each spear armed dude and then renoved it when the spear was thrown.

    Scott.. not sure how the rules compare as this is about the only skirmish game I have played. Our guys seemed to think that they are pretty good.

    Ogilvie old chum..... Pretty good write up eh! I have this editor mate who helped me out. I could introduce you sometime if you like.

  8. Ray.. Your longship flags will get their first outing this Wednesday night, all going to plan.

  9. Hi Rodger !

    Realy good and interesting AAR. Lovely terrain and minis:)

    It would be nice with some more info about the rules, I haven´t heard of them...supouse that are because in Swedish Stranhogg are spelled Strandhugg;) Got to get my hands on a copy and try it out...

    Some thougts about the of the primary goals for the viking raids was to get ritch:) the vikings might consider to steal and load the cows/sheaps, womans and children on the ships, instead of just killing them, it´s better profit. And after all: we haven´t gone all the way from Scandinavia not to get payed;)

    I have write a Viking raid scenario for Hail Caesar I don´t think it would be to much work to use it for a skirmish game as "Strandhogg" I would be glad if you had the time to try it out:)

    You can down load the scenario at our club forum, BUT you have to register:

    Best regards Dalauppror

  10. Dalauppror ..I have registered on your club forum and downloaded the scenario. We are having another Strandhogg game this week but the scenario is already set, so maybe next time. Looks like a good one though. For a good review of the rules try this Thanks for the comments guys.

  11. There's a Yahoo group for the rules, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be very active right now...

    I'll get a detailed review of the rules up in my blog this week... if I get the time. :)

  12. Great looking game love the longships!

  13. Excellent battle report. Beautiful figures and terrain. I'm quite keen on how you did the water's edge - very nice effect. I'll have to keep an eye out for these rules but I'm also eager to try Gripping Beast's 'SAGA' as well. Spoiled for choice, eh!?


  14. Bleedin' Heck - how did I miss this post??? A thing of beauty and wonder, I love it! Jaw dropping inspiration is what it is.