Tuesday, 2 August 2011

From India to America

As our reporter appears to be lost somewhere in Africa and not sending in his reports I thought it was about time that I at least posted the photos of these two games. The Sikh battle was a 15mm Volley and Bayonet game fought several weeks ago at Waynes place "The Mess". Adrian supplied all the figures and buildings for this game. A week later we played an  A.C.W game in 28mm using Regimental Fire and Fury rules and fought this one at "The redoubt".


  1. Lovely pics. I especially like the civilian carts; nice touch!

  2. Both are great looking games!!


  3. Looks good. I am not a huge fan of the small 15mm stuff, but I can appreciate the time taken to paint and assemble all the models and terrain. The ACW looks great, and reminds me I still have a box of Perry ACW still sitting forlornly part done on my painting table, as the whole pirate project currently sails on and on...