Tuesday, 9 August 2016

English Civil War in 15mm

Over the past month or so some of the group have played a couple of games using our 15mm ECW figures. The rules used are Armati and the figures are from various manufacturers.

Nothing too flash in the games, line them up and go forward hoping that the dice gods are on your side. I believe a few sacrificial chickens helps with that!

Here is a mix of photos from both games.


  1. Great looking game! Generally speaking I like 28mm most, but I for one think the smaller scales look better for ECW.


  2. I forgot how small those 15mm figs are. I definitely couldn't paint anything that small nowadays. I think I'll stick to 28's and 54's.

  3. Superb, mass effect is really impressive! What a splendid period to play...

  4. Some of those figures look suspiciously like 'Mike's Models'/Essex... my very first army was a 15mm ECW. Super stuff :)