Monday, 19 September 2016

SYW battle of Wilhelmsthal.

A while ago we got together for a Seven Years War game.( About a month ago!)

The game is based on the battle of Wilhelmsthal 1762.

The French are occupying some low hills with the allies advancing against them.

 The bulk of the allies begin to appear in front of the French left.
 The French quickly send in some cavalry to cover their extreme left.

 On the French right more allies appear through the woods.
 The French centre is not threatened, for now.
 Just as the French left begins to come under control.........
 ...........more allied troops appear in the French left rear!
 The French desperately try to deal with the enemy to front before turning to face the troops in their rear.
 The French centre turns to aid the French left.
 Slowly the French are forced back towards the centre of their line.
 The allies start breaking through the French lines.
 Over on the French right the allies try another assault. Their first attempt was turned back.
 With  pressure on both their flanks the French were in trouble.
In the end a near run thing. I am not sure now, but I think the French conceded.


  1. Epic looking game!! Marvellous stuff :)

  2. Poor Frenchies! Great looking game...

  3. Great looking game Rodger. Those large units look beaut and take full advantage of using 15 mm figures.

  4. Great looking battle. 7 Years War French - style is more important than winning!