Sunday, 19 June 2016

AWI using Rank and File

Last weeks game for the gang was set during the American Revolution.

The scenario idea was based on the battle of Brandywine.

The Americans were defending along a river and were attacked from the opposite side but also attacked in their flank.

 The Americans could setup anywhere along their side of the river.
 The game began with the arrival of the first British brigade. 
 The first brigade started putting the pressure on the American lines.
 The second brigade of red coats arrived on the flank of the Americans. The Americans were forced to turn some of their troops to meet the threat .

 On the American left both sides were happy to trade shots across the river.
 By now the third British brigade had arrived and was moving down between the second brigade and the river.
 The pressure was mounting for the Americans.
 Down at the American left casualties were mounting on both sides of the river, but
 at the other end it was all on! Repeated charges from the British were slowly pushing back the Americans but they were making a good fight of it. Some excellent shooting from the defenders was making life difficult for the British.
 Although far from being destroyed the American army needed to protect Philadelphia and so were now being forced to withdraw in front of the advancing British.