Sunday, 14 February 2016

Time to catch up.

It has been a long time since my last post so I thought it was about time I added some photos of our games from the last month or so.

First up is a 15mm Napoleonic game. Rules were Volley and Bayonet.

 This involved a Bavarian Corp trying to link up with the Prussians at the other end of the table.
 The French, not happy about the Bavarians changing sides, were trying to prevent this.
 The Bavarians made it in the end.

Next up is a Hail Caesar game in 28mm.
 Normans on the attack against Saxons, Vikings and some Irish on a ridge.

 Archers on the flanks trying to upset the Normans.

 On the whole it was one way traffic for the Normans who rode up and over the ridge and anyone that stood in their way!.

The Irish did charge down the ridge and managed to destroy a Norman unit  but that was the only highlight for the allies on the ridge.

The moment of victory.
Then last week we had a game of Pike and Shotte, ECW in 28mm.

 An encounter game, where two relatively even forces meet with a point to prove.
 These Parliament dragoons raced away to set themselves up in a field in the Parliament centre. Unfortunately for them the rest of the Parliament centre didn't move forward for most of the game.
 Cavalry on the Parliament left did advance and they charged the Royalists foot.
 Royalist artillery positioned on a hill in the centre.

 The Royalist horse came around the town to charge into the Parliament horse.
Wayne's church and headstones looked really cool. Had to add a photo of them.

Parliamentary Bluecoats, or should that be turncoats? These figures used to fight for the Royalists before a flag change took them to the other side.

 Action over on the Royalist left was pretty even but with the help of the Royalist guns the Parliamentary troops were forced to withdraw.
 At the other end of the battlefield things were fairly even and the two sides were gradually reducing each others numbers.
 Finally the Parliamentary centre moved forward but it was too little too late.
 The Royalists were in control of the flanks, it was only a matter of time.