Tuesday, 22 March 2016

In the Crimea.

Our last game was set in the Crimea. A smallish French force was in defence on a hill top. They were hoping that the British would help them out before the Russians arrived.

The British disembarked from the ships and were rowed ashore. The first wave tried to get into a position where they could hold off the Russians while the other waves went to support the French.

In the end by the time the British got to the French it was too late.
The French had been destroyed but the British were able to retake the hill.
For the Russians the loses in tasking the hill were too much and they were forced to with draw.

15mm troops and ships from Adrian's collection.

Rules used were Volley and Bayonet.


  1. What a superb table and great looking game!

  2. Great looking game Rodger. Those jolly boats and ship of the line really add to it, especially in the slightly exaggerated scale!

  3. Beautiful looking game.

  4. Hi
    A great theme and the magnificent battle fields
    In particular, the ships, boats and their crews well laid out