Monday, 2 November 2015

Conquest 2015

Last weekend was Conquest.  This year we decided to do a 28mm Napoleonic game.

Set somewhere in Spain and using the Rank and File rules.

 The battle was mainly for control of the crossroads in the centre with points for taking the two towns.
 The British and Spanish troops had entered one of the towns and the Spanish guerrillas had taken over the vineyard.
 The French entered the other town and had their guns and dragoons covering the crossroads.

 British marines open fire on the French from behind the stone wall.
 The British had control of the farm buildings near the crossroads but it wasn't long until it was under attack from the French.
 The vineyard also came under attack.
 After some heavy fighting around the village the French withdrew.
 The British sent the Highlanders forward to support the defenders of the farm.

Looks like the Spanish have moved the vines away from French hands!

 On the other flank, near the river, the British launched an attack on the French held town. Both town sectors would eventually fall into British hands but the cost of this action in lives was high. Back on the far flank, the French having given up on taking the town began shelling the town with howitzer fire. With the town on fire the British had to fall back out of the town.
The game ended with one town ablaze another in British hands and the crossroads still between both armies. Slight victory for the British.

Great day out for the boys!


  1. What a brilliant looking game...!
    Love the fact that there are full size French/British flags in the background :)
    They either greatly add to the atmosphere... or they're there all the time...?