Sunday, 18 October 2015

Napoleonic British attack Cherbourg

A Napoleonic game using the Volley and Bayonet rules.

The Royal Navy arrived off the coast of Cherbourg and proceeded to disembark the British army. The British launched attacks at the smaller of the two forts and the town of Cherbourg as soon as they landed. French reserves were on their way to the area but their arrival time was uncertain.

 The Royal Navy sails along the coast and opens fire on the forts while also dropping off the the British army.

The larger fort under fire from the British ships.

British troops heading for the beaches.

Cherbourg is in the centre and the smaller fort is away to the left.

 The British quickly disembarked troops on the unprotected side of the smaller fort.

 More British troops were landed near Cherbourg.
 The British attack the small fort. As they heavily outnumber the French it isn't long until the British are in.
 The militia from Cherbourg tried to resist the British for as long as they could. Slightly better troops are inside the town defending the walls.
 Cavalry appeared near the larger fort were soon seen racing toward the British in the centre.
The British are almost in total control of the town of Cherbourg. Just a few more enemy units to push out.

 The French cavalry try to help out the town garrison . French reserves must arrive soon or all will be lost.
 Still more British troops are arriving from the ships.

 With not much action around the larger fort the garrison there venture out to assist in the battle for Cherbourg.
 The British, having completely over run the smaller fort, spike the guns and leave, to also attack the town.
 The Royal Navy turns the ships guns on the fort garrison and very soon the French can be seen heading back to the safety of the fort.
 With so many British troops landed the cavalry are finding it very hard going and they were also sent packing. The French reserves are on their way toward the town but it is all too late. The British have the town and are settling in. The French retreat to fight another day.

Lots of photos of Adrian's wonderful looking ships and row boats. This is their first outing but I am sure they will see plenty of action in the future.

Thanks to Adrian for providing all the troops and buildings etc, and for running the game and letting us play with his new ships.


  1. A fabulous looking collection! What a great idea for a game... :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful looking naval assault.

  3. Those damned ships cannon tore us to pieces but a great game all the same.
    Another meticulously planned scenario by Adrian.

  4. Extraordinary!! Brilliant. :)

  5. Not seen anything this exciting in a long time. Well done to all concerned.

  6. Inspiring stuff!
    Particularly like the ships as so often they don't look right with the gun crews etc but these look just right.
    Where are the ships from?