Sunday, 4 October 2015

Seven Years War Rank and File

Last weeks game was yet another Rank& File game. This time our game was set during the 7YW.

 The Prussians advanced onto the battlefield from the edge.
 The Austrians setup through the middle of the table.
Hungarians making use of the hedge row.

Light troops lurking among the trees.

 The Prussians advanced toward the waiting Austrians
 The Prussians did have a couple of large artillery pieces that were already setup within range to do the Austrians some damage. Didn't help these boys in pink though!
 More Prussians advanced to the gap between the town and the woods, but the Austrians were waiting and gave them a not- too- friendly welcome.
 On the far flank the two cavalry commands charged toward each other.
 The Prussians closed with the Austrians on the near flank but this was as far as they would get,
 as the Austrians fought back and with mounting casualties the Prussian began their retreat from the table.
 In the centre, the same was happening.
Prussian cavalry about to be destroyed by the Austrian artillery!

The victors survey the fleeing Prussians.

Another good run through of the rules.

Everything on the table is from Chris's collection.


  1. Excellent looking game. Been trying these rules out at the club and seem pretty good for large games

  2. Super looking battle - great pictures :)

  3. beautiful entertaining game, beautiful table and excellent miniatures

  4. Yes we were well and truly thumped

  5. A Fantastic looking game. Those Prussian Grenadiers on the left looked like they were always going to be up against it though.

  6. Splendid pictures, these lines of battle are very impressive...