Tuesday, 15 September 2015

R & F in the Peninsular

Last weeks game was another crack at the Rank and File rules. This time the setting was in Spain during the Peninsular war.

With the bulk of his army on or behind the hills Wellesley awaited the French attack. In front of the hills were two small villages garrisoned by British troops and hiding in some trees were some Spanish guerrillas.

The French begin their attack.

The Spanish Guerrillas hiding in the trees.

Rifles defending this village.

A foot regiment defending this one.

Some of the British on the hills.

More British defenders.

The 60th Rifles in the orchard between the two villages.

The French in all out attack mode toward the villages.

Three columns charge into this village only to be thrown back.

The other village under attack, same result!

The guerrillas are slowly giving ground to the French light infantry.

First attacks are thrown back from both villages.

From behind the British lines.

The orchard is finally cleared but the butcher bill for the French is too much

and although the villages are almost in French hands there is no shortage of British on the hills.
We are getting the hang of these rules now and our next game will be another R&F game but this time set during the 7YW.


  1. Well, it was an excellent looking game at least. Looking forward to your SYW battle!

  2. Nice looking battle. How do Rank and File compare to Black Powder in terms of ease of play and speed of games?

    1. Thanks Nate. Pretty simple rules.(they need to be for us). I would rate them better than BP. Our group was very divided over BP but we all seem to like R&F, so far!

  3. So many beautiful figures and buildings, excellent report!

  4. great kooking game. jyst git these rules to try as not sure on BP