Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Napoleonic - Rank and File

Last weeks game was held at "The Mess". A Napoleonic game that had the Russians defending against a French army.

The French army was of top quality while the Russians were poor.

 The French had to get across a river and through a town leaving the table between the buildings but there were only two points to cross at. A bridge and a ford. The French split their force in two, sending the heavy cavalry off to cross at the bridge while the rest forced the issue at the ford.

 The Russians had a large force in the town but these were unable to leave the town.
Russians defending the bridge.

 The heavily defended town.

French columns advancing toward the ford.

 The French dragoons tried to breakthrough at the bridge but the Russian defence was up to the task. The dragoons being forced to retreat back over the bridge.
 The dragoons gave up at the bridge and went off to help their friends at the ford.

Into the second row of defenders.
 The French columns slowly but surely ground their way over the ford pushing aside the Russian defenders.

Now into the third row of defenders.

Almost there but next it is the Russian heavy cavalry.

 By the time the French got to the town their infantry units were all but gone and with stacks more Russians in the town they gave up on their quest and withdrew.
The rules were Rank and File.
French troops from Rodger and Wayne.
Russian troops and buildings from David.


  1. Beautiful looking troops and game!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of lead on the table. I always feel that bridges are best forced with infantry and fords with cavalry. No real reason behind it, just my predictable response.

  3. It's great to see this work
    How much time and patience is needed make to all these
    In addition, a good eye and a hand in the exact required too...

  4. Excellent looking game, thanks for sharing!

  5. Dragons on the bridge are very impressive, great looking game Rodger!

  6. A big ask for the French considering their only approach was by bridge and the defenders were equal to our numbers but it was great fun as always.