Sunday, 5 July 2015

Lion Rampant

Last weeks game was a Medieval game using the Lion Rampant rules.

The game involved two forces controlled by three players per side. The main commander of each side was attempting to find favour with the King by capturing the three criminals that had escaped from the dungeons of the castle dressed as monks.

The fugitives were known to be hiding out amongst the buildings of the local village.

So, simply enter the the village, search the houses, capture the dudes that look like monks and return them to the King and collect the rewards from the tower. Simple!
And if you see any other troops doing the same, kill them and take the monks that they have captured!

3 monks to be found. Side with the most monks at the end wins.

Knights searching a house

1 monk found.

The village

Our medieval troops have seen little action in the past. Now that we have enough for a game they might get used a bit more often!


  1. That looks a superb game :)

  2. This terrain is wonderful!

  3. Looked like a very fun game on a very nice layout.

  4. Rules of the game I don't understand, when I'm not have never played
    But this landscape, buildings and terrain, I like them