Saturday, 20 September 2014

Great Northern War

Last weeks game was set during the Great Northern War between Sweden and Russia.

The rules used were, I believe, a modified set from  Die Kriegskunst .

(Die Kriegskunst are a Seven Years War variant from General de Brigade.)

Swedes on the attack.

Russian left flank slowly moving up the ridge.

 The Russian army had a firm foothold on a ridge running across the table. Their artillery was behind a stone redoubt, masses of cavalry off to their right flank and even more infantry on their left.
 The Swedes advanced on an angle toward their left. The cavalry moved up with the infantry and the artillery started ranging in on the Russians on the ridge.
Swedes moving up the ridge

Their target.

 The Russians countered by sending their cavalry forward and although outnumbering the Swedes, were pushed back due to the quality of the Swedish cavalry.
Swedish command

 The initial infantry attacks went the way of the Russians and their left flank infantry started moving down the ridge to outflank the Swedes.
The initial Swedish attack

 Slowly the Swedish cavalry on the left took control and gave the Swedes an advantage. Allowing the cavalry to turn on the flank of the Russians.

 The Swedish infantry went in again and this time managed to succeed. The Russian artillery gave up the fight and left the field.

 Despite some initial success the Russians on the left were rapidly running out of support and were now having to face the whole Swedish army.
Swedish cavalry commander.

With the Russian cavalry running away along with their artillery the rest of the Russian army had no choice but to abandon the ridge to the Swedish army.

Another great game with the boys.

Thanks to Chris for everything!


  1. Fantastic, absolutely wonderful.
    Good details and especially these fine blue-yellow color combinations
    (because they seen rarely)
    Especially King and flags

    Damn, what a great idea !!
    Thank you

  2. Super stuff - great looking game :)
    Must get me some of that green teddy fur - looks good.

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  4. Beautiful figures and in a really interesting period.

  5. Really beautiful uniforms in this period. Excellent painting.