Saturday, 6 September 2014

20mm Napoleonics

Wednesday night's game was a chance to drag out our 20mm Napoleonic collection.

The game had a French allied army made up of French and Bavarians massed together, and a Brunswick force against the armies of Austria and Saxony.

 All four armies entered from different points of the table and they were all after control of the bridge in the centre of the table.

 As it happened the Austrians squared off against the Brunswickers on this side of the bridge.
 The Saxons, on the other side of the river are racing the French and Bavarians to the other end of the the bridge.
The troops from Brunswick prepare for the Austrian attack.

Austrians and Brunswickers exchange shots before charging into each other.

 The French and Saxon cavalry charge into each other as their infantry advance towards the bridge.

 French cavalry slowly overcome the Saxon cavalry and prevent the Saxon infantry from getting to the bridge.
Getting a bit tight for the Saxons here.

 The Austrian infantry make it to the bridge but the Brunswick army charges into them and forces them back.

The battle in full swing.

 The French charge into the units around the bridge and send them back to where they came from.
With the Brunswick army now also forcing the enemy back on their side of the bridge the day belongs to the French and their allies, the Brunswickers and Bavarians.

Enjoyable game even if I was on the wrong side, again!


  1. You guys have some amazing collections of stuff! Love the reports :)

  2. Great report Rodg, youve inspired me to hang on to my plastics.

  3. Spectacular battle arrangements.
    But these your horses and riders are always absolutely stunning.

  4. Wow didn't realise you guys had 20mm too! I might have stuck with those in that case :)