Sunday, 27 July 2014

Battle of Alma.

Last weeks game was a 15mm Volley and Bayonet game based on the Battle of Alma.

Adrian's wonderful 15mm Crimean war figures were used along with his awesome buildings.

 The Russian army was formed up along the southern ridge and hill above the Alma. Earthworks were erected on the hill.

The British and French would attack across the Alma with a view to taking the pass between the ridge and the hill.
 The British army crossing the Alma....
 .. and the Russian defenders opposite them.
It was slow going for the allies as they crossed the river. Russian guns were eyeing up their targets.
French and British troops crossing the Alma.

British command.

 The first British attack on the redoubt, nearest to the pass, was pushed back. The British units involved being forced back to the river. The attack on the end redoubt was more successful with only one unit being badly damaged.
The defeated British running back over the river.

 On the other flack the French were having a successful time. Having charged up the ravines into the waiting Russians only to see them fall back. The Russians sent their reserves to plug the gap but these Frenchmen were on a roll. Marching down the ridge they planned on rolling up the flank.
The pass was holding but the flanks were caving in.

The British cavalry has beaten off the Russian cossacks on the flank and are now moving onto the rear of the Russians on the hill. The British take the first redoubt and prepare for another attack on the next redoubt.
 The British are now on a roll.  Second redoubt falls and the pass is in sight for the British.
French and British flank forces about to meet in the centre. The Russians have had enough and quit the field.
Close up of a British Guards regiment.

The Highland regiments.

Another guards regiment.

Thanks to Adrian for supplying all the figures and buildings, and for organising and running the game.