Monday, 11 August 2014

Black Powder Napoleonics

Last weeks game was a little Napoleonic encounter using the Black Powder rules.

With the French starting at one end of the table and the British starting at the other end both were trying to secure various terrain features. These were the hills and the towns and they varied in value from 1 to 6 points and in some cases were of different values for each side.

Cameron Highlanders lead the British towards the French.
The British end.

The French end.

 The French left got off to a good start and were the first to get to the town in the centre of the table.
 The French right were not so fast and could only manage a single move each turn.
 The British centre and right hand brigades advancing towards the town.
French left brigade.

 With numerical superiority in artillery, the French set up two batteries in the centre. These guns took a heavy toll on the advancing British.
 The French had all the good stuff. The high ground, the woods in the centre and the town. From here it was going to be tough going for the British.

 The only gun for the British was this RHA piece. Although shooting well it was outnumbered 3 to1.
 The British spent a couple of turns shooting at the defenders of the town. Unable to make any real progress they charged with the Gordon Highlanders leading the way. The high defensive values of buildings was the difference and the Highlanders were pushed back.
 The French cavalry began on the extreme left and spent the battle trotting across to the right and then charged the lone British cavalry unit.
 With casualties mounting on the British, units started to break and then Divisions.

First the British centre was reduced to just one third of it's starting strength and then their left flank brigade broke leaving the single cavalry unit to cover 3/4 of their front.
The British right was almost at breaking point having tried several times to dislodge the French in the town. There was no hope left and the British withdrawal was now underway!

Thanks to Gav for coming up with the scenario and taking the photos.


  1. Great looking minis, your French army is really impressive, and Highlanders look great...very nice looking game!

  2. Fine report gentlemen, thanks for sharing!