Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Action at Martin farm.

The lads meet up for a game last week at "The Mess". The game was AWI using the brigade level Fire& Fury rules with some slight modifications to suit.

The British were camped in some open fields when they received warning that an American force was heading their way.

Americans arriving on the battlefield.
  Forming up along the edge of the road the British await the arrival of the Americans.
 The Brit's German allies take up position on the right flank.

 The battle begins with the Americans moving onto the table and advancing toward the British lines.

 Deciding that attack is the best form of defence the British charge across the road straight into the American line.

 Morgan's Riflemen outflanking the British lines. Their extra range for being armed with rifles was beginning to hurt the British light infantry.

 The charge in the centre was working a treat. The Americans were going backwards.

 The American left flank began their attack on the Germans, in the hope of pushing them back into camp.
 At this point the lone French unit swings round on the exposed British flanks and opens fire.
 Too much for these Red Coats and the British retreat back to their lines.
 The American attack is now in full swing and, having discovered a ford further down stream from the bridge, send Morgan's men off to cross the river and attack the rear of the British.
 Meanwhile the Americans on the other side of the bridge engage the British giving Morgan's boys more time to cross unhindered.
 The attack on the Germans didn't go so well for the the Americans. Steady fire from the infantry and the artillery was too much for them and they were forced to retire.
But in the end it was not enough. With the riflemen coming around the flank and their centre severely weakened from their attack the British were now too weak to hold off the Americans. The camp would have to abandoned to the victorious Americans.

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