Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dark Age Ambush

Almost back to their village the Vikings were feeling pretty confident that they had pulled off a raid on the local Saxons with not even suffering a scratch.

Vikings returning from a raid in Saxon territory

 All the Vikings had to do was get the loot into the village before the Saxons take it back off them.

  Out from the trees came the Saxon warbands charging straight towards the Vikings.

 The Saxons decided to attack the Viking village and therefore prevent the Vikings from being able to fulfill their victory conditions. The large number of archers in the Viking village were also causing the Saxons some concerns. Just another reason to attack the village before the Vikings get there.

 One warband attacked the column  while the other two charged the village.
 Although several Saxons made it over the fences it was hard going.
 The Vikings were hampered by the slow moving carts and captives but not enough for the Saxon warbands.
 Insufficient Saxons became the big problem. Just too many Vikings and slowly the Vikings raiders were getting closer to their goal.
 By now every turn saw another group of Viking loot make it to the safety of their village.

 Eventually the Saxons had to concede. They backed off and let the remaining Vikings return home with all their ill gotten gain.
 Next time the Saxons will have greater numbers and will return to raid the Viking settlement.

A great night with the lads even if I was on the wrong side, again!

Rules were again modified LotR.


  1. Great stuff... there's a bit of a narrative building here with these two sides who are clearly not getting along. I can't quite decide which side I should be cheering for :)

  2. Great report. Love the story that unfolded as the game played out!

  3. A fine report and a great battle description
    Text and characters.
    You can not always win, sometimes you must to lose...

  4. Great looking game, very nice report, love this fortified village...