Sunday, 15 June 2014

Dark Age Treachery.

Last weeks game was another Dark Age game this time using Geoff's modified LotR rules.

 Essentially a minor civil war. The loyalist troops want to crown their new king on the top of a mighty stone platform. The rebels have come with the plan of putting one of their own up to be king!

 To establish who would be who there was some dice rolling and some dealing of cards.

 Each player rolled a dice to determine which side he would be on, Rebel or Loyalist.

Then we rolled again to determine our own degree of loyalty to our respective causes.

With our degree of loyalty established we were then dealt cards. The most loyal on each side were giving one card down to the least likely to remain loyal who were given three cards. The cards were all the same colour for each side except for one. If you were the one that received the different coloured card you could swap sides when it suited by simply declaring that you were now fighting for the other side!! There were also some spare cards so that it was perfectly possible that no one would be a traitor and swap sides.


Above are the starting positions. Rebels on the left and the loyalists to the right.


 The joy of this game was that you had no idea who to trust.

 We all more or less advanced toward the centre of the table.
 Lots of joking and speculation as to who was the type to be a traitor etc.
 With the two sides almost about to meet in a massive brawl in the centre of the table the Rebel right wing warband declared he was fighting for the other side!! 
The traitors
 Here the new Rebel right wing warband has turned to face this new threat.
 Over the next move or two other warbands joined in on this melee.
 Loyalist reserves await their chance to join in the fun.

Even the loyalist reserve has now entered the brawl.
 By this stage of the game, apart from a couple of archers, all but one of the Loyalist warbands were engaged in the melee along with all of the Rebels.
 Things were starting to go the Rebels way by now. Having dealt to the traitors on the right the Rebels we just starting to gain the upper hand in the centre when.....

.. the last Loyalist warband (that was rapidly moving towards the brawl)  declared for the Rebels! 
With the extra warband it was now only a matter of time until the Rebels would crown one of their own as the new King!

This is to show the crap that I have to put up with week after week trying to take photos of these games.

" It's hard to soar like an eagle when you play wargames with turkeys!!"

There is always plenty of banter within our group during our games and this type of game allowed for even more. None of us would trust each other and that made this game even more enjoyable.

Thanks to Geoff for running a great game and to Wayne for the drinks. Thanks also to Brad for supplying some of the figures.


  1. That sounded and looked a great game :)

  2. Great battle report Wayne. I never doubted your loyalty for a minute...pity I couldnt say the same about that treacherous Houston fellow...At least I gave him a jolly good thrashing.

    1. Thanks Gav!!!! This just proves my point about turkeys!!!

  3. Great looking game and a fantastic idea. Very interesting way to add tension to the game.

  4. I do not understand anything about the game, but the characters are well done, great pictures...
    and :D
    besides, the finger looks very clean