Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dark Age Hail Caesar

Last weeks game for the boys was a Dark Age Hail Caesar game.

A Viking army was arrayed along a ridge with a Norman army advancing toward them.

 The Vikings on the ridge.
 And the Normans advancing toward to the fields below the ridge.
 Viking command stand.
 The Normans had about twice as many mounted troops and these were positioned on the flanks of their foot troops.
 The Norman troops armed with bows and crossbows came forward to close the range and opened fire on the ridge.

 More foot troops coming up in support.

 The Vikings only had cavalry on their left flank and it wasn't long until they were engaged with the Norman cavalry opposite them.
 Outnumbered here as well the Vikings were slowly pushed back until their loses forced them from the field.
 Now the Norman cavalry on the other flank began their charge up the hill.
 The archers continued firing their arrows into the Vikings on the ridge.
 The Vikings not wanting to give up the high ground.

 Viking right flank command, and his handlers!
 Left flank Norman cavalry on the charge

 and smashing into the Vikings.

 pushing the Vikings back down the ridge.

 With both flanks now in trouble the Vikings in the centre left the ridge and advanced down onto the Normans below.
 Slowly they pushed the Normans back to the hedges.
 With darkness now falling it was getting too late for any advantages to be pressed further.
The Vikings were in control of the centre but both of the flanks belonged to the Normans.

A great game enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Tim for turning up and helping with the rules, Chris for running the game, supplying the figures and terrain and shouting the free beers being the host..


  1. Nice batrep and glorious looking game!

  2. The fine era theme
    Stunning color and detail painting shields and accessories.
    Awesome battle situation even though I do not understand ​game

  3. Absolutely stunning looking game!

  4. Great looking game! Thanks for the write and all the pics.

  5. Nice report. It looked fantastic!

  6. Nice report and great looking game

  7. Good report and pics, thanks for sharing. I think with more time to play on, the double flank envelopment would have put paid to the vikings, clearly here they were saved by the bell! Was that last orders at the bar!? ;-)

    1. Yes, I think you are probably right Scott, it wasn't looking all that good for the Vikings! As for "last orders", well yes, something like that!

  8. Stirring stuff Wayne. Great pics. As one of the particpants I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I thought the rules worked a treat.

  9. Fantastic batrep, these Normans and Vikings are most impressive, love the Viking command stand...