Sunday, 6 April 2014

A little Dark Age disagreement!

Last week some of the lads meet up at "The Mess" for a Dark Age game using Geoff's modified LoTR rules.

 The defenders formed up between the village and the hill top. Messengers were sent to the neighboring villages to seek assistance to defeat the enemy.

 The attacking force came out from the surrounding forests and advanced toward the defenders.
 After a couple of moves the two sides clashed on the hill top.
 The third warband from the attackers is about to join in the melee. At this same point friends of the defenders appear in the distance on horse back.
 Villagers preparing to defend what they can if they have to.

 The outnumbered defenders are finding it hard going but are hanging on hoping the cavalry will get to them in time.

 A couple of moves later and the attackers are splitting off some troops ready for the cavalry charge!
 Almost there....
 The cavalry smashed into the attacking force but without a lot of success.
 In the end it was too much for the defenders. They all dispersed in different directions. For the attackers it was now just a simple mopping up job on the village!

Thanks to Brad for the loan of his fig's. Shame you were unable to make it to this game mate.

Thanks to Wayne for the drinks.

Thanks to Geoff for basically running the game for me.