Thursday, 23 January 2014

Crimean War in 15mm

Last nights game was based on the Battle of Malakoff (part of the Siege of Sevastopol) during the Crimean War.

15mm French v Russians using the Volley and Bayonet rules.

 To win the French (on the far side) were required to take the right hand redoubt. The only way to enter the redoubt is to first enter through the gaps in the wall and then take the redoubt from behind.
One of the French commands.

Russian defenders.

The Russian setup. Wall to wall defenses.

French high command.

 Right from the first move the French attacked. Each French command heading straight for one of the gaps each. Early success for the French on the right as they take the first line of earthworks.
 The Russian centre and left flank push back the French attacks but the casualties are mounting on their right flank.
The Russians counterattack and retake the earthworks. A costly exercise and the  Russian right begins to crumble. The red markers indicating that these guys have reached exhaustion and are no longer able to charge.
 The left flank is also under pressure but is still holding up well.
 Although the French have reached the gap on the left flank they run out of steam. The cost of several attacks against these earthworks is too much!
 The Russians move some troops to the right in an effort to retake the earthworks(again) but the French keep the pressure on....
 ...and push through and take the gap only to be counterattacked by the Russians coming to the aid of their comrades.
By this stage the French on the left have disintegrated and left the field. The centre French command is piling on the pressure but this has all been too much for the French and now the command on the right is rapidly running out of men. With so many casualties on the French side they are forced to withdraw.

In the end the Russians changed history and managed to hang on for a marginal victory.

Great game and again thanks to Adrian for supplying the troops and running the game and to Wayne for making the coffee!


  1. Great looking game and enjoyable battle report

  2. Very very cool! The Crimea is not often gamed me thinks? Highly original.

  3. Beautiful, I love the figures and your fortifications!

  4. Very nice indeed - superb looking game :)

  5. As the poor schlep commanding the Russian Right flank that went into 'Morale Collapse' on turn 4 I can tell you it was no fun.
    Blasted ones and twos all night and not a sign of six, unless rolling to check morale prior to melee,...then of course sixes galore! About as much fun as having your ears removed with a cheese grater. If I ever hear the words "roll anything but a one" again I shall jolly well spit the dummy much longer must I endure the unlucky dice plague??

  6. Excellent battle report and pictures! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Hello

    Maybe my humble 15mm Crimean War efforts might be of interest.

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  8. Hi Het Love your work here great job on the Miniatures:) Could you be so kind sir and help a Fellow game? I'm looking best 15mm makers of Crimean war? I have a fair amount of Minifigs (they are Great) but looking to add some other companies? Thanks for Any Help sir:)

    1. I will try to remember to ask the guy that owns the figures next time I see him.

  9. Hey I also wanted to say Thanks for Post the CSA flag:) I'm very greatful for this. Right now Very bad people are Attacking my Flag,my Heros, and My Family for being Southerners! This makes us in the South a lot upset:( But God Bless you for your name and Posting that find Rebel Flag:) Thanks again for any help. Dave Seay in USA\ CSA