Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kings of War

A couple of months ago we played a game with some of Adrian's ancient armies using a set of rules called Kings of War. These rules are a free download and are available from manticgames . Although written for fantasy battles, there are a number of free supplements at An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields.   
for historical gaming, from Ancients through to ECW. We also used these for a Dark Age game using our Vikings and Saxons but I have no idea where the photos have gone! Sorry.


  1. Kings of war? That was a sort of distilled version of an early WFB ruleset IIRC? How did it play? It looks a bit like DBx, but that could be the figure scale...

  2. You may well be right there Scott, I don't know. I thought the rules played okay. In this game it was just two lines meeting in the middle, so difficult to really judge how good they are. The DA game was much the same. Hopefully we will have another crack at these rules and be able to test them out more fully.

  3. I do like your photos, the phalanx units are really impressive!