Sunday, 1 April 2012

AWI Game

A number of years ago the Southern Strategists had their first visit from New Zealand wargaming personality, Roly Hermans (a.k.a the Fusilier General). To celebrate this momentous occasion we put on an 28mm American War of Independence game at the Redoubt. As a group, we had decided to build American and British armies using mainly Front Rank figures, although Rodger Wood purchased a unit of Eureka 'Marble-Headers' that added something different to the rebel forces (note the hint of British sympathies!). Inspiration for this project came from the Guilford Courthouse game that Roly, Paul Crouch and Steve Sands put on at 'Conquest' in Wellington in 2002 that I was privileged to photograph.

I found photos of the celebratory encounter at the Redoubt recently and thought they should be published as a record of the occasion. Roly has visited many times since when in Christchurch and is considered an honorary Southern Strategist.       

The rebel line hold a hill

The motley crew: Rodger Wood, Dave Houston, Wayne Stack, Roly Hermans and mine host, Gavin Bowden

The Brits getting out-flanked

The 5th Foot moving forward

Tarleton and his British Legion cavalry coming to the rescue

The rebel line about to receive cavalry

Roly looking bemused from the confusion of battle

The 23rd Foot (Welch Fusiliers) lead the British advance.

Dave's Hessian grenadiers support the artillery.

The 7th Foot after suffering casualties

Rebel artillery holding the hill

Dave's rebel infantry about to advance off the hill

Colonel William Washington's 3rd Continental Dragoons  


  1. Lovely looking table!

    Who won?

  2. The table looks great and I really like the figures. They are very expressive and your painting style really does them justice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Super looking game! I'm really a fan of the period and tables like this say why. What rules did you use btw?


    1. I'm not sure what rules we used at that time, but we now use 'Black Powder' for this period...although not all of our group are sold in them. Personally, I think they are ok and one of the few rule sets that I've read from cover to cover. Another set of rules that we dabble with is 'Regimental Fire & Fury,'which is the preference of some in our group.

  4. Beautiful looking game. Thanks for sharing.
    Fun to see Roly with a goatie - reminds me of a little of Trotsky, don't tell him I said so! ;-)

    1. Too late - I've seen your comment, Comrade Scottsky!

      But "New Zealand wargaming personality, Roly Hermans"? I've never been called that before!

  5. Well, Roly...I figured that this label was appropriate: 1. You live in New Zealand. 2. You're a wargamer. 3. You are a well-known personality within the NZ on-line historical miniature gaming fraternity....I rest my case your Honour!

  6. We must have had some unwritten rule that facial whiskers were compulsory at the time...jolly good rule too I say.

    Fond memories of hard fought encounters at the Redoubt.